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Data scientist and aspiring digital artist Lex Carre tracks the impact of her debilitating anxiety disorder over the course of a year, using her own mental health data to produce a new work of visual art for 52 consecutive weeks. 

Lex posts her pieces to pseudonymous social media and NFT marketplace accounts; her work soon captures the attention of art critic and influencer Andrea Caulfield, who offers to champion the anonymous artist’s work in exchange for mentorship. 

When Lex takes a much-needed break from social media and the NFT/Web3 space, Andrea misinterprets the hiatus as a suicidal sign-off and assumes full ownership of Lex’s entire year-long project—the sale of one piece as an NFT ultimately nets Andrea a six-figure profit. 

Locked out of her social accounts and the servers housing her digital artwork, with no legal recourse, Lex tracks Andrea to a secluded mountain retreat.

Will mentor or protégée maintain the upper hand? Where does the line between art and reality blur? How much suffering is warranted in the service of great art?



Limitations can be our best friends as creatives

UNDER THE INFLUENCER was purposely designed around constraints: few cast members, few visual or makeup FX, a skeleton crew, and three free shoot locations, plus a marketable premise and profitable genre.

The nature of a film with a $60,000 production budget requires collaboration, meticulous planning, and lots of goodwill.

We have openly shared our budget with every crew member for pay transparency. All union actors are paid the same daily rate; paid crew members are under the same rate and are eligible for backend participation.



Our creative team is an outlier in the industry

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are oft-quoted buzzwords in our industry, especially of late. Despite all the press coverage and focus, the fact remains that women, BIPOC individuals, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are still glaringly underrepresented in or altogether absent from most aspects of the filmmaking industry.

Our team was carefully and purposefully composed of some of the most talented and hardworking female, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQ+ filmmakers in the business.

Our roster:

Above-the-Line Team

  • 88% Female/Non-Binary

  • 50% BIPOC/AAPI/Latinx

  • 88% LGBTQ+

All Cast & Crew

  • 73% Female/Non-Binary

  • 55% BIPOC/AAPI/Latinx

  • 43% LGBTQ+


  • 90% Female/Non-Binary

  • 70% BIPOC/AAPI/Latinx

  • 50% LGBTQ+